Maintenance Calendar

This document contains the upcoming maintenance windows for all production environments of Serviceaide Intelligent Service Management. These windows include both application and infrastructure maintenance.

Intelligent Service Management Production Maintenance falls into four categories:

  • Monthly Planned: Our monthly maintenance windows for Standard or Normal maintenance are scheduled at least 1 month in advance. Maintenance windows are scheduled during non-business hours for the geographic location of the environment. Service interruptions and/or performance degradation may be noted during these windows. There is limited client input over these scheduled windows as maintenance performed during these periods will impact multiple or all clients. A reminder notification will be sent at least 7 days prior to these maintenance windows with exact details on the changes and any disruption to service. See table below for dates.  This is typically done on the second Saturday of each month.
  • Quarterly Planned: Each quarter we perform planned maintenance to ensure consistent performance of this system. This includes ticket archival and login history clean. Ticket archival includes moving tickets that have been closed for more than 13 months from the transactional ticket tables to the archival tables. Login history clean up archives user session records that are more than 6 months old. This is typically done on the first Saturday of the quarter.
  • Critical Planned: Periodically, critical or emergency maintenance involving security or system stability may be required. A 72-hour notice will be provided to customers for these activities. Planned maintenance does not count against the uptime SLA.
  • Unplanned: Unplanned downtime is any loss of production system availability that is not noticed more than 72 hours in advance. These downtimes are generally system fault type issues but can also be proactive emergency maintenance performed to prevent a system failure from occurring. Notices will be sent as soon as the maintenance is scheduled or monitoring has determined a degradation in service. These types of downtime count against the uptime SLA and, therefore, are infrequent.

It is necessary to have regular planned 'maintenance windows' to upgrade the application and infrastructure as well as perform preventative measures essential to maintaining a stable, secure and optimized service. The details of the maintenance including exact start times and any disruption to service will be communicated closer to the date in accordance with our notification policies. Each production environment will have a different start and end times based on their geographic location and business hours.

Production Maintenance Windows,,



October 2019October 12
November 2019November 23On October 14th, moved back 2 weeks from the original date of November 9th. 
December 2019December 7
January 2020January 11
February 2020February 8
March 2020March 14
April 2020April 11
May 2020May 9
June 2020June 13
July 2020July 11
August 2020August 8
September 2020September 12
October 2020October 10
November 2020November 14
December 2020December 12

Please contact technical support if you have any questions about monthly maintenance or other aspects of the service.

Staging, trial and test environments are non-production systems and therefore are not held to the same uptime SLA and notification policies as Production. Maintenance on these environments will be communicated on the community and via announcements. Normal application maintenance will be done first on Staging giving customers validation time before being done in production.