Execute Guest User Skill

A Guest user in Luma is a user who has not registered or authenticated in Luma. They are essentially an anonymous user to the system. To learn more about the permissions available to a guest user versus other users, refer Define Roles and Permissions.

By default the User Registration skill is available at the system level for Guest users to register with Luma. This skill can be set to Active or Inactive status. If the skill is set to Active, guests can access this skill in the chat channel. If the skill is made Inactive, users cannot access the skill.

Benefits of Guest Users:

  • Users can connect with Luma and access a defined set of skills without registering or having an account.
  • Useful to allow customers connecting to a Luma bot on a public internet site to answer marketing, sales or other frequently asked questions.
  • The User Registration skill is available at the system level, which has been configured as a guest role.

Create Guest User Skills

An Administrator can create the required skills with permission set to the Guest role. Following are the high level steps to create the Guest User Skills:

  1. On the Bots dashboard, click Skills.
  2. Create a new skill with Permission as Guest.
  3. Get the Tenant details from the Serviceaide Support team and create the skill.

Chat with Luma

Following is an example of how you can interact with Luma in MS-Teams.

  1. If you want to register yourself as part of the registration process, click User Registration as shown below.
  2. Luma prompts for the username to connect. Enter your username.
  3. If your username is valid, then you receive an email verification message from the Serviceaide support team to validate your account.
  4. Click the link received in the email to verify your username.
  5. Once you have verified the username successfully, you can view the list of skills assigned to you.