Luma improves the Service Management experience for all user types:

  • End Users: Luma is a new conversational channel for self-service. Luma's Natural Language Understanding makes it a much easier channel to ask questions and create, manage, and resolve requests. 
  • Support Agents/Analysts: Conversations with end users through Luma help triage issues and create well-formed tickets. A support agent can take action immediately on these tickets versus requiring frequent back and forth action to get quality information from the user. Luma can offload manual tasks such as following up on resolved tickets, waiting for the user's confirmation, as well as performing actions through a conversation versus navigating through a traditional UI.
  • Managers: Luma helps managers to focus on managing their team. Luma can quickly show a manager unassigned tickets, tickets approaching their SLA and a complete backlog report.

Luma uses Natural Language Processing to take a user's phrase and trigger a conversation (a Skill in Luma terminology). Luma is supported in several different languages, for the latest list of languages please see the Compatibility Matrix.

The following Luma architecture diagram provides a brief overview of customers' interaction with various channels such as Skype, Facebook messenger, and more, and vice versa, through the Channel Connector Service. The Channel Connector Service, in turn, integrates with the Luma platform and ITSM tools, as shown below.


A Bot is a virtual agent, it's your own instance of Luma for support. Your bot can converse with end users, support analysts and managers to help improve the support experience. A bot is comprised of Skills and a set of chat channels that users can leverage to converse with the bot. For example, you can configure your bot to be accessible by users via direct messages in Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Slack and more. To see a complete list of supported chat channels please review the Compatibility Matrix.

To learn more about Luma, visit the following pages: