Luma 1.x


Get to know Luma by reviewing these topics:

What is Luma?

Luma is a Virtual Agent (often referred to as a chatbot) which allows users to interact in a conversational manner to resolve their issues or interact with the Service Management team. Luma provides a faster and easier way for end users to interact with the Service Management team 24x7 and aims to reduce repetitive manual tasks that burden support agents. 

The future of support is conversational experiences for users and the Luma platform assists in building and deploying a conversational interface with Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Users can converse with Luma across multiple chat channels including Skype for Business, MS Teams, Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger and more. See all supported and certified channels on the Compatibility Matrix page.

Benefits of using Luma

Luma allows organizations to provide modern support to their customers including

  • 24/7 support available to end users
  • Conversational triage of support requests to improve the quality of ticket submission including automated assignment
  • Zero-touch resolution of common requests such as FAQ type questions or password reset
  • Automated follow-up with end users confirming that an issue is resolved
  • A conversational interface for support agents and managers to easily monitor tickets and service management processes and quickly take action
  • Reduces the cost per a ticket and improves mean time to resolution allow organizations to handle more requests or take on more strategic needs from the business.