Synchronize Users from CA SDM and ISM

As part of user synchronization, an ITSM system is configured with your Luma Tenant. In Skills Builder, an Administrator can set Luma specific roles or permissions. In case the ITSM system users are configured with the Tenant, then users need to be synced or imported from another source to perform user management in Skills Builder. In case ITSM system is configured with the Tenant, but the Administrator wants to add Luma specific users, then ensure that these users can be managed in the Skills Builder, while ITSM users cannot be (other than roles and permissions). 

Ensure the following while syncing users from Intelligent Service Management (ISM) or CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) with Luma:

  • User name is unique in the tenant.
  • Users roles synced from ISM or SDM are not revoked or edited. If any additional roles are required, such as Developer or Administrator, they can be added in the Skill Builder.
  • Users created exclusively on Luma platform are not synced to the underlying platforms; this may negatively impact the skill fulfillment. Hence, for the skill fulfillment to succeed, users created on Luma should also be available, or created in the underlying systems.
  • As the Skills Builder Administrator, if you want to add some Luma specific users, you can ensure that these users can be managed in Skills Builder, while ITSM users cannot (other than roles / permissions). The modified user roles cannot be synced back to the underlying system. For example, if an Analyst user role changes to Administrator in Luma, then it will not be synced back to the connected ITSM System. In case the user's name changes in ITSM, then the change reflects in Luma as well when it syncs with the ITSM system. If the user's name is changed in Luma but remains the same in ITSM, then the name change does not reflect in ITSM.
  • If users are active in the ITSM, but are deleted from Luma, then ensure adding them back in Luma to effectively manage the skill fulfillment.