Known Issues

The following issues exist in Luma:

Areas of ImpactDescriptionReference
Chat ChannelThere should be a comma between the slot exit commands. The text should be displayed as "Enter the following commands" than "Select the following commands".VSA-4630
In MS-Teams channel, If the user is executing a skill which has configured Inbound- API, then the response is received multiple times. VSA-4898
Attachment name will be shown as random generated UUID for certain image files, You can send the following file types images, video, text, and PDF files. Refer
Satisfaction Survey    Survey prompt message sequence is missing in Hangouts for 5 out 10 times.VSA-4977 
Localization is missing for 'Agent Survey Frequency' field tooltip. VSA-5024 

Satisfaction Survey interferes with skill conversation in Whatsapp channel.

Note: This is caused as we have added certain delay before survey is triggered in whatsapp. This was done to address an issue where survey was triggered before completion of skill integration in whatsapp.

Bulk User Import In Sample Template (i.e., bulk user import) | for each Row, the drop-down roles are not rendering for the "Role" column  VSA-5020 
User ManagementIn User management list page, Sorting icon is not persisting for "Last Modified Date"  VSA-5023 
Outbound Mapping 

Displaying the outbound mapping string content as [object object] when overriding the content type to custom string.VSA-5029 
New added Key and value are not persisting in outbound mapping on changing the content type to custom JSON. VSA-5030 
At Skill level and Web service level In Outbound Mapping tab, if user toggles from "Advanced" to "Override" and try to update the key and value then the respective information is not persisting. VSA-5019
At Skill level, if user is trying to override, then the key and value are not persisting. VSA-4900 

Message configured in 'Error Handling' is not displayed when the expression evaluates to 'True'. Instead the default message "I am currently unable to …"  is displayed.VSA-5031 
When synonyms are used for Ticket Status value, the attribute value is not correctly replaced, causing skill to fail. VSA-5032 

Import skills process is partially successful and display the following error message:

" Error while saving skills in the NLP service, io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException:"  

Not getting the follow ups for all users at a time.VSA-5533 
When Post Action (After completion) is configured for follow-up, follow-up attempts go in a loop (do not stop) VSA-5611 
Skill added to Abort or Post fallback skills list is removed when 'Display in welcome' flag is toggled.VSA-6576
AD SyncMisspell of word "function" in the properties file. VSA-4995
Web Services TicketNo attribute adds decimal places to provided value causing webservice to fail with Dialogflow V1 VSA-5595 

Agent Chat console  

Count is updating in the Dashboard after agent logout but the agent can get a request to accept the chat when Agent Chat Console is opened in two tabs.VSA-5605 
When interacting with a user through Agent Chat Console, Messages sent by users are not displayed on the Support analyst's screen. Messages appear when the analyst refreshes the browser.VSA-8814

'Network disconnected' image appears as a broken image in Safari browser

Follow-upIn Follow Up list, Last Updated By is not considered in pre and post condition update while displaying follow ups. VSA-5613 
Abort Skill Abort / fallback / threshold validation skill list is not limited. Results are not driven by the 'Display permitted skills only' check box in Welcome Skills. Therefore, skills which are below Self Service User's role (for example, Create user in Luma, Register, SD hours etc.) are also displayed.VSA - 6346 
Web widgetWelcome skill is not triggered on opening the Web widget window if the last executed skill has pagination in response (quick replies or cards).VSA-6575
Welcome skill is not triggered on reconnecting the web widget if the last skill execution is incomplete (and context session has timed out).VSA-6577