Troubleshooting the Web Widget

Following are some of the common errors and their troubleshooting tips, as well as some additional information while using the web widget:

  1. Disable the unwanted Widgets to avoid performance-related unexpected issues.
  2. Usually, widget display issues are caused by the firewall than the widget script. Ensure that any firewall ports restricting the external API calls are open.
  3. During the chat, in case the server stops responding, or if the connection is lost, the following error message appears. To re-establish the connection, check your internet connection. 

  4. If your secret key is exposed to external persons and for security reasons, you can regenerate the secret key anytime by clicking the refresh iconin the Configure Web Widget dialog box and replace the secret key in the Body code of the index.html page as well.
  5. If the secret key is entered incorrectly, or if it is refreshed in the skills builder but the refreshed code is not updated in the Body code of the index.html page, then the following error message appears. To resolve this issue, replace the old secret key with the new one.