Published Fixes

Zircom - April 2022

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Standard ReportsAdministrators, Analysts

Issue with accessing Standard Reports "Average service delivery performance" and "Average service delivery performance by organization". When accessed, reports do not open. 

Advanced ReportsAdministrators, AnalystsIssue with report 'Tickets com ultimo log'. Users are unable to see data in the report for any tickets.ISM-12172
Advanced Ticket CentreAll Users

On Advanced Ticket Center, Self Service users are able to see tickets from all organizations.

Process WorkflowAdministrators, AnalystsIssue with Process workflows. Users are unable to Discard and Checkout Process WorkflowISM-12177

When a task ticket is created through a process workflow, custom attributes values are not getting populated on the task tickets.


On execution of process workflow with "Received In Mailbox" entry criteria, Web service operation is not getting triggered.

The system throws an error when a workflow action is executed on a ticketISM-11865
Ticket CenterAnalysts SLA not getting applied on a few ticketsISM-12030
Ticket assignment notification going to the incorrect groupISM-12048
Users are unable to take ownership of any of the ticketsISM-12044
Ticket CenterAll Users

The Global Search doesn't work for Chinese keywords. The search works in classic mode


The short ticket URL for the task ticket is not working


Scheduled emails are not being sent on time when the user profile date and time format is set to Non-USA (dd/mm/yyyy)


When a ticket is created using REST API with the custom attribute in matching condition, the Auto route is not being applied.

DashboardAdministrators, Analysts

Dashboard(Beta) throws an error

Single Sign-On (SSO)Administrators, AnalystsSSO URL for outstanding items is not redirecting correctly. Instead of the outstanding items page, it is getting redirected to the ticket center.ISM-12074
ContactsAdministratorsAdministrators are not able to set the "Notification Mechanism" option for  Non-English profilesISM-12060

Unable to Disable Service Feedback for non-English users

CalendersAdministratorsOn Change Calendar, the scroll is not working intermittentlyISM-12051
Service CatalogAdministrators, Analysts

Error in translation: Label Service Catalog is incorrectly translated.


Patch- January 2022

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Service CatalogAll Users

Issue with Automatically filled fields. The Custom attribute value is not copied from Parent Ticket to Task ticket when using workflow action configured in the Process workflow


Xanthite - September 2021

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Advanced Ticket CenterAdministrators, Analysts

Error while loading Views at Advanced Ticket Center


Unable to sort the view using the "Urgency" column

Service CatalogAll Users

Issue with Custom Attribute list in Conditional Attribute Groups. On Service Catalog, few Custom Attributes do not appear in Conditional Attribute Groups

Approval NotificationsAll UsersInaccurate Approval Notifications. Outstanding Approval Notifications are sent for Closed tickets and inactive usersISM-11898
Configuration ManagementAdministrators, AnalystsOn configuration Management → CONTACTS AND GROUPS, the Approval Phase list does not load with complete information.ISM-11869
Ticket CenterAnalystsError while executing a Workflow action on a TicketISM-11865

Web Service Operation

Administrators, Analysts

When executing a Workflow Action with "Received In Mailbox" input criteria, the web service operation is not executed.ISM-11490
Feedback SurveyAll Users

Customer is able to see duplicate Survey response for a particular survey


Maintenance - April 2021

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Workflow DesignerAdministrators and Analysts

Unable to edit assignment rules of HT attributes in process flows

Unable to find a user in User Field on Process Workflow → Test Workflow→ Assign Tab.ISM-11827

On Exporting Assignment rules for specific process workflows, the generated export file name is incorrect

Ticket Center

All Users

Download all attachments functionality not working on the Staging environment

On execution of a Workflow Action, the Custom attribute value is not copied from Parent Ticket to Task ticket.


Advanced Ticket centerAdministrators, Analysts'Urgency' Field is not available in 'Column to Display in Advance' in the Advanced Ticket centerISM-11843

Wishbone – February 2021

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Rest APIAdministrators and AnalystsUnable to Run the API calls with API user when Group based security is enabledISM-11755
Rest APIAdministrators and AnalystsRequest for API call to Relate Project to a TicketISM-11730
Ticket CenterAdministrators and AnalystsError while taking Action after relating Project to a TicketISM-11735
Automation ActionsAll Users

ISM Automation workflow action fails if the ticket field contains special character double-quote (")

TicketsAll UsersCREA SP - Performance issue on ISM and CSM3 environmentsISM-11692

Maintenance Release – January 2021

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Automation ActionsAdministrators and Analysts

Automation action fails if the ticket field contains double-quote (")


Maintenance Release – December 2020

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Workflow ActionsAdministrators and Analysts

In the workflow actions setting, the required fields for "Resolve Using KB" & "Resolve using case#" on "Resolve Incident" are not working.


Ticket Center/My Account 

Administrators and Analysts

On the My Account page, the account authority lacks verification.



Administrators and Analysts 

Attachment created event is not getting triggered for tickets created through incoming email


Ticket Workspace/Ticket Center


ISM - SQL Injection Vulnerability detected


Web Service Operation


For "Auto Route with Workflow Action", having entry criteria as 'Received in Mailbox', Web Service Operation is not getting triggered.


Ticket Details 

All Users

Unable to add a group to Process flow action when a user logins in Portuguese site.



All Users

sla_achievement_variance is blank in the "LFG-SLA Actuals" report



All Users

Unable to view already created auto-assignment rules under Process flow action


Advanced Reporting

Administrators and Analysts 

Jasper reports downloaded in CSV is not properly formatted


Advanced Reporting

Administrators and Analysts 

Adjust/disable the daylight saving time


Vivianite – October 2020

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
TicketsAll UsersError while converting service request to incident and incident to service requestISM-11474
On "Auto Assign across Process Flows" action, related workflow actions are not being displayed in action buttonISM-11469
Unable to approve the ticket even after an email update with the text "Approved" is sent to ISMISM-11254
Ticket Details All Users

Unable to search or relate the closed tickets through related search.

Unable to load the hierarchical Tree Attribute in Auto Assignment Rule fieldISM-11329
Tenant Provisioning AdministratorsProvisioning and de-provisioning failing in CSM3ISM-11424
Advanced Ticket CenterAdministrators, AnalystsUnable to export the unprocessed Rows in Bulk importISM-11423
SLAAdministratorsUnable to configure more than 200 matching conditions for Service Level TargetISM-11418
PerformanceAll UsersIntermittent Performance issue on CSM3 ProductionISM-11379
Intermittent access issues with NimsoftServiceDesk direct URL on CSMSTAGING
Advanced ReportingAdministrators, AnalystsGetting negative values for measured_metric_value field in vsla_agreement_compliance tableISM-11378
Ticket AssignmentAdministrators, AnalystsUnable to delete HT attribute using Bulk process for 40191 (Brasanitas)ISM-11358
Unable to update Manager Name to Contact through Bulk process data when the Name is in Chinese LanguageISM-11324
User AdministrationAdministrators, AnalystsGroups not visible under user recordsISM-11339
DashboardAdministrators, AnalystsRepeated Login requests during Dashboard drill-down processISM-11247
Web Service RequestAdministratorsSOAP web service operation fails in ISMISM-11096
Popup for outstanding itemsAll Users"Outstanding Items" pop-up does not appear while login is via SSOISM-11006

Maintenance Release - July 2020

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
TicketsAll Users

Read-only field on the ticket, populated through web-services lookup or condition custom attribute group, are not getting updated correctly.

Ticket AssignmentAnalystsHT Attribute used in Assignment rule of a Process Workflow is not displayed correctly on the screen.ISM-11009

Topaz Release - April 2020

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
SLAAll Users

SLA - Enhancement in the caching mechanism to run the Data collector on multiple nodes.


 SLA - Provide a support to monitor the Data collector Job


SLA - JMS Message Ordering and using single integration backbone engine


Ticket AssignmentAnalysts

Intermittent error


Automation Failing due to ticket field contains '\' ':' and '&' characters and Request Body is not parsing correctly


Maintenance Release - Feb 2020

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID

Advanced Ticket Center

Administrators and Analysts

CSV export from Advanced Ticket Center has broken linesISM-10808
Advanced Ticket Center does not load correctly unless the view is changedISM-10639
CSM2: Views defaults back to Descending Sort Order after page refreshISM-10684
No columns available for selection in 'Columns for Display' list ISM-10800
On Advanced Ticket Center | My Tickets Tab | Print to CSV | Multiple empty lines are replaced with multiple spaces instead of single spaceISM-10849
Ticket AssignmentAnalystsCSM3 Production : Intermittent error occurs while creating or closing the tickets.ISM-437
All UsersLoading issue with 'Assign to Group' during Bulk Action (if Org based security is enabled)ISM-10642

Advanced Reporting

Administrators and Analysts

On Advanced Reports→Dashboard, unable to filter date fields using Month or Quarter filter values.


Approval Request

Administrators and Analysts

Issue with Ticket approval or rejection via email


Flint Integration

Administrators and Analysts

The Flint integration does not trigger automation as part of the ‘on approval’ action in a process workflow.


The Flint integration does not handle newline characters in text field.


Flint Integration generates a blank link if an error is encountered in automation trigger.


KB article

Administrators and Analysts

Unable to update the KB article via REST API call.


Ad Sync


Issue with user data sync from AD to ISM using AD Sync utility


Standard ReportsAll UsersSurveys graphics in standard report is not workingISM-10681


All Users

On "Auto Assign across Process Flows" action, related work flow actions are not being displayed in action button


Emails without subject should be Blocked
Ticket created date and closed date in outstanding items for service feedback are incorrect


SLAAll UsersMultiple SLA email notifications are going out for the tickets on certain conditionsISM-10682

Maintenance Hotfixes - Jan 2020

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Advanced Ticket CenterAdministrators and AnalystsAdvanced Ticket Center and Global Ticket Search IssuesISM-10633
Ticket AssignmentAnalystsAssignment of ticket to other groups if Group based security is enabledISM-10728

Sapphire Release - November 2019

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Web Service RequestAdministratorsSOAP Call: Unable to load cost center approver without Contact IDISM-10470
SLAAdministrators and AnalystsSLA status does not update after first action on the ticket.ISM-10462
Ticket DetailsAdministrators and AnalystsAfter Ruby release, the saved custom attribute in the ticket is getting disappeared.ISM-10365
Ticket Details Administrators and Analysts Actions workflow does not load when opening a ticket by Short URL link. ISM-10342 
Ticket DetailsAdministrators and Analysts The Tickets are marked as missed SLA even though the SLA is MET. ISM-10330 
Conditional Group AttributeAdministrators and Analysts Deleting parent question in Conditional Group Attribute breaks the subsequent questionsISM-10269 
Web Service Request AdministratorsSOAP request is assigning ticket to primary group of contact id instead of mentioned group. ISM-10152 
Ticket Details Administrator and Analysts Unable to trigger correct PWF when we selected "Auto Assign across Process Flows" ISM-9983 

Ruby Release - August 2019

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Approval GroupsAll Users1st level Reviewer information is getting overwritten with the latest reviewer information. ISM-9971
Outstanding Items All Users Ticket Created date and Closed date in Outstanding Items for service feedback are not correct. ISM-10116 
Ticket Details Administrators and Analysts ID is displayed instead of value in the Activity History for any change in Hierarchical Tree type Custom Attribute.ISM-9973 
Advanced Ticket Center Analysts CSV export showing less data compared to what is visible under My Tickets in Advanced Ticket Center. ISM-10050 
Standard ReportsSelf Service User SSU client users are able to pull Standard Reports for all our organization. ISM-10012 
AD Sync Administrator AD Sync is not updating manager if matching first name and last name found even if it is Inactive. ISM-9952 
Ticket DetailsAll UsersPrint Ticket is not showing all activity log entries.ISM-366 
Conditional Group Attribute Administrators and Analysts  Deleting parent question in Conditional Group Attribute disrupts the subsequent questions. ISM-10269
Advanced Ticket Center Analysts Matching Criteria with 'SLA Compliance Status' shows incorrect SLA Compliance Status. ISM-9908

Quartz Release - May 2019

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Global SearchAnalysts and AdministratorsMultiple ticket search is partially working. For example, if you specify the ticket Id as 200-110,111,113 does not display data accordingly.ISM-597
Global SearchAnalysts and AdministratorsGlobal search yielding multiple resultsISM-595
Advanced Ticket Center Administrators and Analysts Ability to exclude closed tickets from colored filters ISM-9791 
Feedback Survey All Users Link to the ticket from the surveys (Feedback) fails when the profile is in Spanish ISM-9767 
Ticket Center- Export All Users Excel file having special characters cannot be downloaded in proper format in Microsoft Edge. ISM-586 
Advanced Ticket Center Analysts Date custom attributes are being showed as EPOCH for non-English languages ISM-515 
Ticket Center- ExportAll Users CSV export of related tickets is not exporting all data ISM-402 
Users AdministratorWhen using action button to edit properties of a user record in Users page, tab-bar does not show up. This works fine if you double-click to open a user record. ISM-473 
Advanced Ticket Center Analysts All the categories are not being displayed in Advanced Ticket Center Grid> Categorization. ISM-590 
Standard Report SSUSSU unable to select organization in the Standard report when the SSU is related to a child organization.ISM-9853 
Ticket Center- Export All UsersPrint Ticket is not showing all activity log entries for Audit History.ISM-366 

Maintenance Hotfixes - April 2019

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Ticket CenterAll UsersMultiple ticket search in Global Search is partially working.ISM-597
Ticket CenterAll UsersSearching for a specific ticket shows multiple results.ISM-9813
SLA All UsersWhen SLA Warning is triggered, reminders are sent even after SLA is modified. ISM-352 

Maintenance Hotfixes - February 2019

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Web Service RequestAnalysts and AdministratorsSLA targets were getting applied on some tickets while not on a few other similar tickets.ISM-498
Rest APIAdministratorsIntermittent behavior in connection was observed while making a REST API call.ISM-538
Advanced Ticket CenterAnalystsThe ticket count in the ticket center differs from the ticket count in Advanced Ticket Center.ISM-548
Ticket Center Administrators An issue occurred while passing all custom attributes in ISM to SDM.ISM-575
Global Search All Users After Pearl upgrade, Global Search was not showing all results as before with Custom field search. ISM-580 

Pearl Release - February 2019

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Advanced ReportsAnalysts and AdministratorsSearch reports in "Advanced Reports" does not display the correct list of reports using filters, as the Search was included in both report name or descriptionDE7864
SLAAll UsersTicket link in SLA emails for SSO enabled slice was returning an error message (SSO authentication)DE7899
ISM Mobile App 
Year field was not visible properly for a Date field in a ticket in the Chinese locale of the Android App of ISMDE7967 
ISM mobile App All Users Launching ticket link using Slack or MS Teams bot via mobile app opened a pop-up window to choose options such as ISM Mobile App. Upon selecting the option did not allow logging into the ISM mobile app.DE7985 
Ticket Center/My Account All UsersThe user was not able to see options under the Actions button when the initiation page was My Account, for certain browsersDE8010 
ISM Mobile App/Catalog Item All UsersTickets opened through the Mobile App were not applying all the data configured in the service catalog item mainly the Autoroute.DE8025
Ticket Details All UsersThe translation was missing from the attachment section of the ticket for the Portuguese language.DE8055
Ticket Details All Users Cause and Resolution fields were not updated based on Approval or Rejection for the service request type ticketsDE8091 
Ticket Center All AnalystsClosed tickets were displayed even DAYS_TO_SHOW_CLOSED_TICKETS_IN_TICKET_CENTER is set to 0.DE8173

Maintenance Hotfixes - December 2018

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Virtual agentAll UsersNewly added configuration to specify the Luma (Virtual agent) name to be shown in the ISM web widget.DE8083
SSO UsersAll UsersWhile sending a communication to the user, it uses the user's organization to identify the SSO link to be sent in the communication from the associated SSO configuration.US3281
Rest OutboundWebservice UsersWhile sending the multiline JSON in outbound web services had an issue with /n character not passed properlyDE8145

Opal Release - November 2018

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Tickets & ApprovalsAnalysts and AdministratorsFirst Phase and Second Phase Approval is getting applied on the Task Ticket at the same time.DE7863
Process flowAdministrators'Next' button under 'Auto Assignment Rule' does not respond.DE7242
ApprovalsAll UsersNotification sent every 5 mins for change requests.DE7273
SLAAdministratorsSLA communication template limitation in SLA thresholdsDE7413
SLA All UsersSLA status doesn't change from Paused after an incoming email triggers the Ticket Status to Active for ANANADE7489
TicketsAnalysts and AdministratorsUnable to use Send as an email from worklogDE7528
TicketsAll UsersActivity history the data format is captured as epoch time(Unix time/ System date format) instead of DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY formatDE7616
SLAAdministratorsSLA has been changed to OLADE7708
ApplicationAll UsersLicensing issue - Multiple sessions recorded for users in International Speedway Corp (Slice: 40097)DE7716
FeedbackAll UsersFeedback Scheduled for Self-Service participants can't receive the feedback in Outstanding Items - DCC CloudDE7726
UsersAdministratorsWhen creating a user, it is not taking the default timezoneDE7777
Language CatalogAdministratorsNew words/phrases included in the Language Catalog are not translated.DE7826
Workflow ActionsAll UsersWorkflow Actions: Required Fields are not working.DE7911

Maintenance Hotfixes - October 2018

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
TicketsAll UsersSLA communication template limitation in SLA thresholdsDE7413
ApplicationAll UsersWhen creating a user, it is not taking the default timezoneDE7777
Service FeedbackEnd UsersFeedback Scheduled for Self-Service participants can't receive the feedback in Outstanding Items when Anonymous feedback is selectedDE7726

Maintenance Hotfixes - September 2018

Areas of Impact Impacted UsersDescription Serviceaide Defect ID
Ticket DetailsEnd Users

Added support to make attachments as mandatory for SSU


ApplicationAll Users

Added support for application URL with HTTP in the application


Advanced ReportsAnalysts and Administrators

Added Limit to the output of the report pages in the advanced report to 1000 pages


August 2018 Patch

Areas of Impact Impacted UsersDescription Serviceaide Defect ID
Outbound WebservicesAdministrators

Added support for token replacement in outbound web services for the rest service call


Service Level ManagementAnalysts and Administrators

SLA status was not changing from the paused state after an incoming mail


TicketAnalysts and Administrators

Send as email from worklog or using action menu option shows error


North Star Release - August 2018

Areas of Impact Impacted UsersDescription Serviceaide Defect ID
Tickets Action MenuAnalysts and AdministratorsOn the Actions menu in a ticket, it was cumbersome to scroll through the list of actions using the top and bottom navigation icons. Fix is provided to enable scrolling through the Actions list using mouse scroll.DE6146
Filters in Ad Hoc Edit ReportsAnalysts and AdministratorsThe Español dictionary was incomplete since some of the terms and logical operators were not added into it. This was restricting the search performed in Adhoc Reports. This is now fixed by updating the Spanish operators with the required data.DE6527
Additional information section on ticket detailsAnalysts, Administrators, and Self-Service Users

For custom attribute type such as list, checkboxes and radio buttons, the display and stored values can be the same or different. However, if the stored value was specified as an integer, the value selected for such attribute during ticket creation or ticket update was not saved. This issue has been addressed now.

Tickets and SLAsAnalysts and AdministratorsSome transient tickets (that is, tickets created when the Tenant was still on the old SLA engine and then migrated to the new SLA engine) were breaching the SLA threshold during the migration. A data fix was provided to resolve the issue related to those tickets and this issue is not observed in the tickets created in the new SLA engine.DE6781
Ticket Details pageAnalysts and AdministratorsThe Service Level Info and Summary sections on the right side of the Ticket detail page would swap locations; however, this has been fixed.DE6798
Ticket CenterAnalysts and AdministratorsSpanish dictionary has been updated while applying the filter in the Ticket Centre, and the label ‘Ombre’ has been changed to ‘Nombre'.DE6819
Advanced Ticket CenterAnalysts and AdministratorsIn the Advanced Ticket Center workspace, in the Ticket Information section, the Class ITSM was not updated in the Language Catalog. This issue is fixed, and now tickets pertaining to the class category ITSM can be viewed.DE6837
Service Level TargetsAnalysts and AdministratorsDuring the SLA engine migration, the Matching Criteria ‘Is Not Null’ of Service Level Targets was not working as expected, which is now fixed.DE6894
Service Level TargetsAnalysts and AdministratorsDuring migration, the inactive SLA targets were being saved even if they did not satisfy the business rules criteria a target must comply with. A fix is provided to ensure that all the SLA targets satisfy the SLA business rules.DE6919
UsersAnalysts and AdministratorsOn the Detail tab of the Tools submenu, Admin users can select whether they want to receive email notifications for the tickets, from the Notify Mechanism drop-down list. The user can opt out of the email notifications by selecting the Notification Mechanism as None.DE7132

Maintenance Hotfixes - July 2018

Areas of Impact Impacted UsersDescription Serviceaide Defect ID
Ad-hoc ReportAnalysts and AdministratorsSearch Adhoc report not working for the localized languagesDE6533
TicketsAnalystsTicket Actions list dropdown was not getting refreshed  DE7182

Midas Release - May 2018

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
TicketsAnalystsNot able to open a CI/Asset from the ticket when it is Closed/Resolved or had any other status defined in ticket configuration parameters INC_DISABLE_USER_EDITING_TICKET_STATUS , PRB_DISABLE_USER_EDITING_TICKET_STATUS , CHG_DISABLE_USER_EDITING_TICKET_STATUS , SRQ_DISABLE_USER_EDITING_TICKET_STATUSDE5721
TicketsAnalystsIn certain slices taking a Workflow Action to change the CCTI on a ticket will not update the fieldsDE5828
Advanced ReportingAnalysts and AdministratorsTime-based filter using minutes not applying correctly to report after the component hotfixDE5748

Maintenance Hotfixes - April 2018

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
ApplicationAll UsersImprove the performance of localization searchUS2653
ApplicationAll UsersDateTime custom attribute stores 'Blank' value and not NULL value in the backendDE5419
EmailAll UsersSUBJECT_LINE_TEXTS_TO_DISCARD_INCOMING_EMAIL_PROCESSING would treat terms with hyphen (-) as separate words and incorrectly handle emailsDE5769
Ticket Center All UsersSave & Exit on a ticket does not refresh Ticket CenterDE5803
TicketsAll UsersAuto close is not working for all ticketsDE5927
User ManagementAll UsersThe end user has permission but cannot change recordDE6062
Web ServicesAdministratorsAn issue occurred while creating Knowledge Articles through web service APIDE6090
Workflow ActionsAnalystsImprove performance on showing the list of workflow actions for analystUS2565

Maintenance Hotfixes - March 2018

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceaide Defect ID
Knowledge ManagementAll UsersWhile creating a knowledge article, the 'Expires On' field did not save the article creation time (Hours/Minutes). DE5782
Ticket DetailsAll UsersDrag and drop feature for the attachments did not function when a ticket is opened using REPORTS> Ad hoc Report.DE5802
Ticket DetailsAnalysts and AdministratorsWhile using the 'Add to knowledgebase' option from the Action menu, for a ticket, an article used to be created with empty Symptom, Cause, and Resolution. This issue occurred even if the value was specified in the corresponding tickets.DE5804
User ManagementAdministratorsThe 'Deactivate User' option in the Users workspace (MANAGE> Tools> Users) didn't function if a License Type was not associated with the user. DE5810 
Ticket CenterAll Users The 'Affected Service' field used to disappear when the field was populated with the same value as the parent ticket.DE5719 

Lantern - February 2018

The Lantern release of Cloud Service Management (CSM) contains these fixes:

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceAide Defect ID
Ticket DetailsAll UsersWhile updating worklog in the Ticket Center, the page-down option in the text box did not function well.DE5392
Ticket CenterAnalysts and AdministratorsIf an approver was not associated with the ticket, automatic approval using workflow action was not functioning.DE5513
Ticket DetailsAnalysts and AdministratorsDate and Time fields in the Additional Information section in the Ticket Center stored 'Blank' value in the backend.DE5419
Service CatalogAll Users Field value in the Affected Service field in the Service Catalog was truncated.DE5602
Ticket Details  Analysts and AdministratorsCustom Attribute Name was truncated incorrectly on the Ticket Details. DE5663
Ticket DetailsAnalysts and Administrators Worklog date was not displayed in the Activity History section in the Ticket Details workspace.DE5693 
Application Administrators Integration between CSM and Rightnow stopped after Oracle TLS upgrade.DE5584 
KB article All UsersAn issue related to the data alignment for searching KB article is now resolved. DE5551 
Ticket Administrators AutoClose was not respecting user ticket update.DE5589 
Web services AdministratorsThe SearchAllTickets function in the Ticket WSDL using Web services did not filter data based on the Assigned_User_name attribute.DE5672 
Ticket Details  Analysts and AdministratorsCustom attributes of the type hierarchical tree did not function for self-service users. DE5699 
Ticket Details Analysts and Administrators Clear button for the custom attribute of the type hierarchical tree was not working in the Additional Information section.DE5726 
Application All UsersApplication displayed empty content when language was changed to Deutsch (Deutschland).DE5714 

Maintenance Hotfixes - January 2018

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceAide Defect ID 
Web servicesAdministratorsThe third-party library used to parse the SOAP web service response, did not support double-byte (Chinese) characters. The web service response was shown as messy or garbage characters. The library is now upgraded to support the double-byte characters. DE5619
The work log triggered the SLA process and blocked the Request until the SLA Computation completes. This issue is resolved to make SLA processing asynchronous while adding client viewable work log. DE5638
Ticket Center All UsersWeb service lookup failed to populate custom fields in the ticket. This issue is resolved to correctly identify the web service lookup fields in custom attribute and populate the custom fields. DE5702
ApplicationDeutsch UsersThe Intelligent Service Management application failed to display content for the users when the language is set to Deutsch.  DE5714

Key - November 2017

The Key release of Cloud Service Management (CSM) contains these fixes:

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceAide Defect ID
 Advanced Reporting Administrators and AnalystsTime zone mentioned against Data Refreshed in any Advance Report was of UTC instead of Brazil Time zone. DE4471
Ticket CenterAnalystsAn error message was displayed when taking ownership of a ticket. DE4875
Advanced ReportingAdministrators and AnalystsDashboard time did not match with Report time. DE5192
TicketsAnalysts and AdministratorsTickets were getting violated incorrectly. DE5203
TicketsAll UsersCCTI Text search was not working properly in Portuguese language in the Ticket Details page. DE5296
TicketsAll UsersCSM was not handling email extensions and special characters in the Activity History, in Ticket Details. DE5323
 Ad hoc ReportsAdministratorsWhile executing Ad hoc report, an error message was displayed as "An unexpected error occurred while processing the requested operation". DE5350
 Application All UsersAfter rolling out the new themes, users were unable to access the application using internet explorer. DE5375
 Workflow Actions All UsersUsing a single quote in workflow actions didn't display the names in the workflow correctly. DE5384
 Approval RequestAdministrators and Analysts   In the case of contextual approvers, the approval requests are sent to the Inactive users. DE5385
 Ticket Center All Users CSV exporting did not work for non-English number format. DE5386
 Service Center Self Service UsersSelf-Service users were unable to use the 'Copy to New' workflow. DE5398
 Bulk Upload Process AdministratorsA defect related to the bulk upload is fixed. If the license type was not specified in the Contact Persons' worksheet in the XLS/XML template, bulk upload doesn't run successfully during an update. DE5402
 Web services AnalystsThere was no restriction on retrieving the data using SQL Executor via Web services. When executing a query, the number of records which are returned will be restricted to 5000. DE5424
 Ticket workspaceAdministrators and AnalystsAn Issue related to the workflow action in the special function Assign to Group is fixed. DE5436
 Bulk Upload ProcessAdministratorsThere was a reference to the organization, even after unrelating the asset from an organization was causing the org deletion to fail.  Asset Audit table was having  Deletion of organizations was not possible using the Bulk Upload process.  DE5440
 ADSync AdministratorsADSync Utility failed to create or update users. DE5449

Maintenance Hotfixes - October 2017

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceAide Defect ID
Configuration ParameterSelf Service Users

The SSU_MANDATORY_REQUEST_FIELDS_LIST configuration parameter did not function correctly. The Urgency field in the Ticket Center page did not appear as a mandatory field for the SSU user even if the Urgency check box is selected in the Configuration Parameter page.

Ticket CenterAnalysts

When creating a child ticket, the Impact, Urgency, and Priority fields were not copied from the parent ticket to the child ticket. These fields can now be copied only if the codes of these fields specified in the Value Lists, are the same. If the codes are not even or doesn’t match, the value specified in the Configuration parameter page is considered.

 Web servicesAnalystsThere was no restriction on retrieving the data using SQL Executor via Web services. Now, when executing a query, the number of records which are returned will be restricted to 5000.DE5424 

The SLA engine used to process SLAs even if the ticket is in a resolved/closed status and used to check if new targets are applicable. Applying any new SLA compliance record is now restricted if the ticket is resolved or closed.


Jasmine Maintenance Hotfixes

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionServiceAide Defect ID
Bulk Process DataAdministratorsA defect related to the bulk upload is fixed. If the license type is not specified in the Contact Persons' worksheet in the XLS/XML template, bulk upload doesn't run successfully during the update.DE5402
Ticket CenterSelf-service UsersThe self-service users were unable to save an incident/problem/change request ticket when using the 'Copy to New' option in the Ticket Center. DE5398
ApplicationAll UsersFixed a security related issue with the preview window, in the HTML Editor.

Jasmine - August 2017

The Jasmine release of Cloud Service Management (CSM) contains these fixes:

Areas of Impact

Impacted Users



ServiceAide Defect ID

Advanced ReportingAll UsersUsers were unable to export the advanced reporting dashboard.300-82DE5209
Ad hoc ReportsAll UsersIn the Ad hoc Reporting page, the options listed in the Columns for Display section were not sorted alphabetically.100-5346DE5239
Role-based ViewsAdministratorsWhile creating Default View for Change Request, modification to the field labeling failed. When an administrator attempted to relabel a field using the Alternate Label field in the Role Based Views page, the labeling failed to appear in the approval process as intended.100-4986DE5176
Communication TemplateAdministratorsFor outbound notifications, the Message text box in the Communication Template page failed to incorporate texts with line breaks.300-120DE5225
Ticket WorkspaceAdministrators and AnalystsIn the Service Request page, when you select Create Task from Catalog Item, the Tasks/Task Flows/Task Groups List window displays a list of tasks. In case of multiple tasks list, by selecting a task on the first page, when the user navigates to select another task from the second page, the selection on the first page was lost.
ApplicationAll UsersWhen the user is idle for sometimes, there was a delay in the login display for time out, in the application. The Time Out display used to appear only after the user performs a certain action in the application.100-5388DE5272
Service Catalogue ConfigurationAdministratorsThe Description field in the Change Request page, in Service Catalog, used to appear as a text field. The administrators were unable to enter information in detail.
Configuration ParameterAdministratorsThe Administrators were unable to modify the value of MAX_ATTACHMENT_SIZE configuration parameter.100-5476DE5290
Advanced ReportingAll UsersUsers were unable to export the advanced reporting dashboard.
New Service CatalogSelf-service UsersA self-service user was able to create incident tickets without using a catalog item. Now, the process is restricted.

Jasmine Hotfixes

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionReference
UI ThemeAdministratorWhen the administrator selected Dark Blue from the My Theme page, the ServiceAide text was invisible from the logo after refreshing the application.F444
ApplicationAnalystsWhen the analyst performed an action in the application, the action was repeated immediately. The same action was repeated or two different actions occurred consecutively.DE5025
 Advanced Reporting All UsersInvalid data appeared in the License Usage Overview page.  DE5378
 Application Self-service Users Users were unable to login to the application using the IE browser. DE5391

Maintenance - July 2017 

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionReferenceServiceAide Defect ID
TicketsAdministratorsUnable to delete an attribute in the Custom Ticket Attribute Template100-4956DE294475
AdministrationAll UsersSlice Refresh Is failing on slices with a large number of users
All AreasAll UsersLocalization issues for Chinese language users

MobileAnalystsMagic link authentication fails when the customer has URL defense in place100-5226DE298407
Web ServicesWeb Services UsersIssue related to field transformation and properties not being set properly by Incident Web Service100-5307DE300880

Ivory - June 2017

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionReferenceServiceAide Defect ID
Action MenuAll UsersAction Menu Tooltip Truncated00665496DE274074
Action MenuAll UsersAction menu doesn't work until you scroll down to a certain part of the page00665488DE274110
ADSyncAdministratorsDuplicate records created after AD sync due to a mix of static and variable attributes in mapping00647383DE278332
ADSyncAdministratorsADSync fails with the Organization Unit (OU) created with Chinese characters
Advanced ReportingAdministrators and AnalystsPercentage Calculation in Advance Report displays an incorrect value100-4661DE290147
Global SearchAll UsersDelay in displaying results from Global Search (Elastic Search) that causes a message "No Results Found" to be displayed temporarily00622448DE263601
Global SearchAnalysts and Self-Service usersNon-Administrator users receive an error when using Global Search (Elastic Search) with Organization Based Security turned on
GroupsAnalystsSend Mail triggering emails to a group even when it doesn't have notification permissions00651966DE270654
Knowledge Base ArticlesAdministrators and AnalystsUnable to delete attachments from a Knowledge Base Article00666442DE274069
Language CatalogAdministratorsThe full catalog list is not shown in "Language Catalog" tab->Language Elements00654016DE270667
Outstanding ItemsAll UsersPortuguese language users unable to open tickets form the Outstanding Items Workspace00622197DE259089
Role Based ViewsAll UsersAfter removing the View and Edit options for Relate Tickets section from Role-based Views doesn't properly remove this functionality from all ticket screens00713064DE285312
Send MailAnalystsSending Email with attachments using Send Mail can create empty email body with the body as an attachment300-47, 100-4776DE293684
Service FeedbackAll UsersUsers receiving a large number of Service Feedbacks (Surveys) all at once00640008DE269836
TicketsAdministratorsCustom Ticket Attribute templates not displaying in a list00660149DE272464
TicketsAnalysts"Updated By" field on Ticket displaying incorrect support group00667350DE275951
TicketsAnalysts"Updated By" field showing wrong information in the ticket summary section
TicketsAnalystsAuto-close functionality working inconsistently00621355DE263619
User ProfileAll UsersWrong message displayed when password expires00683373DE278526
Users, Groups, OrganizationsAdministrators and AnalystsAvailable groups showing incorrectly when organization based security is turned on00627998DE267978

Goldfish - January 2017

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionReferenceAgile Central ID (For ServiceAide Use Only)
Action MenuAdministrator Common ticket actions are not displayed properly in some browsers.



Advanced ReportingAdministrator and AnalystIn Advanced Reporting, filters are not working for DateTime type custom fields.


In Advanced Reporting, filters are not working for DateTime type custom fields.


CommunicationAdministrator and AnalystThe Send To field in the communication template is adding search text to the email address.


All UsersAfter Firefly upgrade, notifications are displaying garbage characters in Spanish when organization-based HTML template is enabled.



ConfigurationAnalystUnable to access the approval groups even after providing the permission using the navigation menu.


AdministratorUnable to add worklogs using Web Service Calls with keywords such as location, tracert, and traceroute.



Unable to view the custom ticket attribute template list if the list has more than 100 templates.


Language CatalogAdministratorSearching Text in Language Catalog is Case Sensitive and searches the text that is in Key Field and not in the English Text Field.


Process WorkflowAdministrator and AnalystUnable to view mandatory fields in the process workflow, if there are more than 20 support group configured in the Applicable groups field.00510764


ReportsAdministrator and AnalystWhile running standard reports, a gateway timeout error message when Trend Points is selected as parameter.


Service CatalogAdministratorService catalog icons are not displayed while accessing through the SSO direct email address.


TicketsAdministrator and AnalystUnable to view a ticket that contains Hierarchical tree attribute.


The group information of the user is not displayed properly in the summary of a ticket.


After saving the ticket, the ticket ID is not displayed if the communication template has the token ${assigned_to_individual_or_group}.


In Portuguese, While viewing the contact from a ticket, the VIP flag is displaying blank even though the ticket shows that the user is VIP.


Unable to open a ticket under users after searching for a user through Ticket Center, search.


All UsersPressing the Tab key is skipping custom fields of the Hierarchical Tree type.


Ticket CenterAdministrator and AnalystTicket badges are not displaying the proper count of tickets.



Firefly - October 2016

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionReferenceAgile Central ID (For ServiceAide Use Only)
Asset ManagementAdministrator and AnalystBulk upload of assets data is causing Application performance issues.00380865


 CategorizationAdministrator and AnalystFilters are not working properly while searching for categories under Search CCTI.00462006


The confirmation message to inactivate a CCTI is not displayed.00477572


Communication TemplateAdministrator and AnalystUnable to deliver emails to support group even after selecting the notifications option for a specific template.00414877


 Outbound Communication

Unable to deliver the notification to multiple users with the same name.00301137


Unable to send an email when the HTML template is configured as ON and is associated with the root organization.00374456


The email communication history is not updated with the user's locale.00309437


Administrator and AnalystUnable to send emails to a group, when a user in the group configures out-of-office notification and notification type is Pager.00434264


 Process Workflow


Resolved tickets are not closing automatically even after the Auto Close ticket option is configured in the Process Workflow.00369741


Unable to check out or copy a process workflow.00473508, 00375168 and 00432771

DE202890, DE162285, and DE175241

Unable to add more than 25 matching conditions for a process workflow.00317987



Administrator and Analyst

Unable to generate the necessary report because the multiple select option on different pages is not working.70004727 and 00253393DE25704 and DE28718
Duplicate results are displayed for a ticket while viewing the feedback results.00368754


Unable to generate All Open & Closed Tickets report.00448851


Service Level AgreementsAdministrator and AnalystRenewed holidays from the previous year are not considered.00366783


 Service Level Agreements and TicketsAdministrator and AnalystUnable to apply SLA on a ticket that is created through email and the SLA target matching condition is Requested for VIP Flag.00436188 and 00452936

DE176085 and DE200705

The SLA indicator is not displayed on tickets when the service level target threshold values are modified.00447611



Self-Service UserAn error is displayed when a Self-Service User saves a ticket that is open or locked by an agent.70007759DE23673
Administrator and AnalystThe ticket is not prompting for mandatory fields that are read-only in workflows, such as Assigned Individual and Assigned Group.00422049


Unable to view the attachment of a parent ticket from a task ticket.00435496


All Users

Unable to create tickets using incoming emails with addresses that have special characters.00360642


Unable to open attachments that are beyond 25 on a ticket.00345481 and 00451684

DE163148 and DE197509

Unable to apply filters for non-english users in My Tickets page.00421778


 User ManagementAdministratorUnable to add multiple users to a group because the multiple select option on different pages is not working.70003454 and 00254824DE24657 and DE29170
 Web ServicesAdministratorUnable to search the field person1_lv1_org_name using web services.00454298


Dragonfly - March 2016

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionCauseReference
Advanced ReportingAll UsersIncorrect data is displayed in Times field in the exported file of a scheduled advanced report.--00247860
AnalystDuplicate records are displayed when a report is generated.The Advanced Reporting security configuration XML file is corrupted.00246678
Administrator and AnalystUser is unable to open the report when the permission is not granted to its corresponding Adhoc View.--00246545
Administrator and AnalystWhen a scheduled report is run or exported, the report does not display the date and time when the report has run.----
Asset DiscoveryAdministratorUnable to start the Asset Discovery and processor service.This error occurs when the license type is changed to self-service for NAM users.00269181
OrganizationsAdministratorUnable to see full Organization hierarchy while searching for Organizations.--70006040
AdministratorUnable to sort username under Organizations as the sort option is dimmed.--70006934


All Users

Filter for ADHoc Report is not working properly.


Service CatalogAdministratorUnable to create service catalog item as the Defined attributes section is empty.--00280169
Service Level TargetsAll UsersIn Spanish, the Task Assigned to Individual Notification and SLA Approaching Breach notifications are sent in English.--00246545
AdministratorInvalid data is displayed in Notification Template field under SLA Target Threshold.This error occurs when Communication Template name displays the ID number instead of actual data when used with languages other than English.70003909
TicketsAdministrator and AnalystPerformance issue while searching tickets for relating tickets.The query to search tickets is not optimized.70008125
All UsersTicket that is created by an Agent from the Scratchpad remains locked for other Agents even after agent closes the application.--00249829
All UsersInvalid data is displayed in Last Closed date under Ticket Summary.--70004281
AdministratorAn error is displayed while deactivating the custom attributes in Default Custom Template for Service Request.During the validation, the deleted attribute referred in required field or set field of a workflow are not verified.7000652
Administrator and AnalystPerformance issue while searching for related items for a Configuration ItemUnrelated queries are triggered while searching for related items for a Configuration Item in the global search.70008127
All UsersBusiness Segment Field of the contact profile is invisible under the User profile from Ticket.--70006932
Administrator and AnalystThe related ticket count on the CI includes resolved tickets, but in lookup the resolved tickets are not displayed.--70004822
Administrator and AnalystUnable to open or edit a ticket, if one of the Custom Attributes or Section Headers on the ticket has the same name as the System Defined ticket field/section.The internal reference ID of custom field headers is based on the custom field name and this causes the UI to break if the custom field name matches the ticket field names.--
Administrator and AnalystThe Send Mail Functionality is not working When two or more users having same First Name and Last Name.The Send Mail Functionality is unable to recognize the email address due to duplicate First Name and Last Name.00255494
Administrator and AnalystUnable to approve tickets through emails.--00255447
Administrator and AnalystUnable to submit a ticket for approval after changing the approver name.This error occurs due to the initial approver name is stored in the application cache and the changed approver name is not recognized.00262195
All UsersError while opening a ticket.This error occurs when the attribute name is configured as hierarchical tree and the value configured in the ticket do not match the hierarchical attribute value format.00266872
All UsersUnable to open Incident tickets.The query to open Incident tickets is not optimized.00267772
AdministratorUnable to modify or update the value in Employee ID Under View Contact Profile of a ticket.--00255918
AdministratorSchedule tasks are displaying Action to Execute Option while activating an Inactive Schedule.When a schedule task is set inactive to active, unnecessary fields of the entity are getting updated.00269827
All UsersFor tickets, the Last Resolved field is displaying wrong date format in Ticket Summary panel.--00271525
User ManagementAnalystAnalyst with password permission is unable to reset password for other users.--7000049
AdministratorSort and Search functionality on the Users tab under Organizations is not working properly.--70003982
AdministratorAn error message is displayed when clicking Categorizations under Tools.--00260674
AdministratorUnable to view permissions for groups on Ticket Templates in Service Catalog Configuration when more than 25 groups are associated to the ticket template.--70002315

Dragonfly Hotfix 4

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionReference
Advance ReportingAdministratorUnable to view the selected days under Schedule Reports page.70003993
Service CatalogAll UsersThe frequently used service catalog items in non-English interface are displayed in alphabetical order instead of popularity.00319529
TicketsAdministrator and AnalystEmails are not delivered to assigned groups, when a task ticket is created using service catalog (task) template.00323194
TicketsAnalystUnable to edit the Business Segment field in User profile page from Ticket for analyst with permissions to edit a contact.00308781

Dragonfly Hotfix 5

Areas of ImpactImpacted UsersDescriptionReference
Advanced Reporting


Unable to view the selected days under Schedule Reports page.


Relative Timestamp option under Filters is not working.

00166220 and 00287782

The date window is closing when an option is selected such hour or minute, while creating a filter for a field in Ad Hoc view.


Unable to view the field that is added to a domain though the domain is saved without errors.


Unable to add the Calculated Date field if the filter is configured with standard date field.00332459

Administrator and Analyst

Dashboard freezes while creating a report with a field that has Apostrophe (') character.

All Users

Report name is not aligned properly with the report data.


Scheduled report is generated 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled time.

70005919 and 00320435

Unable to save a dashboard if brackets are included in the name.


A gateway timeout error is displayed while generating or exporting a report to xlsm format manually.


Dashboard with multiple reports does not display data, even if auto refresh is configured. The data is displayed when the user manually refreshes the dashboard.


Incorrect data-time values are displayed when a report is exported to Excel or Excel (Paginated) format.


Incorrect time is displayed in a scheduled report.00328056

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