Serviceaide Technical Support

Online Support

Existing customers can contact Serviceaide support by logging into the support portal at If you have not previously logged into this system an existing contact from your organization can login and request an account for you or you can chat with the Serviceaide support team from the login page at

Phone Support

Existing Intelligent Service Management and Luma customers can reach the Serviceaide support team at the following country-specific phone numbers. The support phone line is monitored 24x7 for Priority 1 issues, system outages, and business critical disruptions.

CountryPhone Number


+1 650 376 0844


+55 11 3197 4746

United Kingdom

+44 203 318 1552


+52 552 789 5477


+57 150 87077


+51 170 70445


+56 232 101221


+1 647 694 2427 

India and rest of the countries+91 7337337966

Support Response Time Service Level Objective 

Serviceaide will use reasonable efforts to meet the Service Level Objectives stated in the table below and will provide continuous efforts to resolve Priority 1 service Incidents. For Priority 1 Incidents, Serviceaide will work 24x7 until the Incident can be downgraded to a lower Priority. For Priority 1 Incidents, your Support Contact(s) must be available at all times via telephone and online to provide Serviceaide with relevant and requested information, data gathering and testing necessary to resolve the Incident. Priority 2-4 calls can be logged with Serviceaide on a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week basis and will be responded to during published business hours as per the Service Level Objectives table below.

Incident Priority


Initial Response Time




1 hour*

System Down/Service Unavailable condition severely impacting Production environment involving:

  • Service outage or failure severely impacting Customer’s business operations.
  • Widespread unavailability of business-critical features/functions of the Service causing major disruption of the Customer’s ongoing business operations.
  • There is serious performance degradation that significantly impacts a large group of Customer’s end users.
  • Unscheduled Service downtime resulting from an emergency change request which needs to be applied to the system.
  • An issue for which there is no immediate workaround available.



2 business hours

A high impact business condition where:

  • Service is available but its functionality is significantly restricted thereby
  • causing disruption to Customer’s normal business operations.
  • The Service’s Available Functionality is not working, thereby negatively
  • impacting Customer’s business productivity.
  • There is no workaround available for the issue.



4 business hours

Service is available and Available Functionality is generally usable, however, Service has an issue causing minor operational challenge(s). Issues may be isolated to specific end-users and may have little impact on the availability/functionality of the Service.



8 business hours

A minor defect that has no impact on the Service, or a general inquiry on the functionality of the Service including how-to/informational queries.

Support business hours are 24 hours a day Monday through Friday

* Intelligent Service Management and Luma Priority 1 Incident must be raised by telephone.

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