Monthly Service Availability

This page shares historical service availability for CSM2 and CSM3 production Intelligent Service Management and Luma 2.x environments. This provides customers with information about service availability and any disruptions to service on a monthly basis. Note that planned maintenance is not considered downtime.

Intelligent Service Management





August 2022100%100%Decommissioned
July 2022100%100%Decommissioned
June 2022100%99.98%Decommissioned
May 2022100%100%Decommissioned
April 2022100%100%Decommissioned
March 2022100%100%Decommissioned
February 2022100%100%Decommissioned
January 2022100%100%Decommissioned
December 2021100%99.95%Decommissioned
November 2021100%100%Decommissioned
October 2021100%100%Decommissioned
September 2021100%100%Decommissioned
August 2021100%100%Decommissioned
July 2021100%100%Decommissioned
June 2021100%100%Decommissioned
May 202199.95%100%Decommissioned
April 202199.99%100%Decommissioned
March 202199.99%99.97%Decommissioned
February 202199.94%99.98%Decommissioned
January 202199.93%100%Decommissioned

Luma 2.x



August 2022100%
July 2022100%
June 2022100%
May 2022100%
April 2022100%
March 2022100%
February 2022100%
January 2022100%

For historical information on Service Availability for Intelligent Service Management, refer to Historical Service Availability Report.

Availability Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Serviceaide commits to the availability of the service for the production environment as indicated in the table below for the Intelligent Service Management SaaS offering during the Subscription Term of the service. If the Availability decreases below the Threshold for Service Availability Default listed below, the customer may be entitled to credits as outlined in the terms and conditions of their contract.

ComponentTarget Availability SLAThreshold for Service Availability Default
Intelligent Service Management99.9%99.5%
Luma 2.x99.9%99.5%

Serviceaide measures Availability Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets as described below:     

  • Serviceaide runs test scripts using application monitoring tools on the Production system to verify that Intelligent Service Management SaaS service and Luma 2.x are available. Test scripts are run approximately once every ten (10) minutes, twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven days per week, throughout the contracted term of the service.
  • Availability SLAs measured using the formula defined in the table below. The percentage availability is calculated based on the number of successful monitoring tests recorded in any one calendar month divided by the total number of monitoring tests conducted in that one calendar month:

Planned outage time periods are defined as downtime of the solution for periodic and required scheduled maintenance where Serviceaide provides notice to Customers. This includes monthly planned application and infrastructure maintenance as well as quarterly feature releases.

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