Manage Post Fallback

A Fallback skill is triggered when Luma prompts users with alternative phrases to understand their request and execute the required skill. This happens when the phrases entered by the user does not match any exact phrases of the existing skills. In such case, based on the bot training, it suggests related skills to the user. For example, if the user just types the word printer, then the bot may prompt the user with 'Add a printer' skill, to check if that is the skill the user is looking for. After the configured number of fallback attempts are reached and the user still cannot find the required skills, then the Post Fallback Message and the Post Fallback skills will be displayed to the user. An Administrator and developer can do the following:

  • Configure how the bot should respond when the user's input does not match any skills.
  • Define when the fallback skills will be triggered to the user and what message should be displayed.

On the bot dashboard, from more options , click Bot Configuration. On the Bot Information page, click the Post Fallback tab to view the details as shown below.


You can manage the following options on the Post Fallback page.

Number of attempts for fallback

This is the number of successive phrases that are entered by a user that Luma cannot match to a skill. When this number is reached, Luma then displays the post fallback skill to the user. The fallback skill is executed if there is no matching skill. For example, Luma may say "say that again" when the uttered phrase does not match any skill, and continue asking the defined number of times before the fallback skill is executed. You can set the fallback from a range of 1 to 5; the default value is set to 3. 

Post Fallback Message

Post Fallback Message is shown to the user after the configured number of fallback attempts are reached.

Role and Skill List

For each role, you can define the post fallback skills, which will be displayed after the configured number of fallback attempts are reached. Select the Role from the list. Based on the role, you can select the skills to be displayed to the user from the Skill List. You can reorder and even delete any of the skills from the list.

Click Save to save any changes.