Manage Aborted Skills

Aborted Skills are the instances when users exit the Skill conversation before fulfillment or execution happens. Looking into Aborted Skills provides insight into trends of how users are interacting with Luma. For example, if you see the same skill being exited several times, it indicates that the skill needs to be reviewed. The Abort tab helps you customize how users exit a skill before fulfillment occurs and how the bot will respond afterward.
On the bot dashboard, from more options , click Bot Configuration. On the Bot Information page, click the Abort Skill tab to view the details as shown below. 
You can manage the following options on the Abort Skill page:

Skills Abort Commands

Define commands that a user can enter to abort or exit the current Skill conversation. For example, if the user enters "exit", "goodbye" or any of the defined commands while currently in a Skill, they will immediately exit that Skill. A Luma conversation transaction will not occur when a customer aborts a Skill. 

Administrators and Developers should review the Aborted Skills list under Training to quickly identify if there are trends in users exiting certain Skills. This may indicate a need to review the phrases for that Skill as well as the prompts. To learn more about Training, view the Training your Bot page.

Post Abort Message

Post Abort message is shown to the user after entering the abort or exit commands.

Attachment Abort/Skip Commands

These commands can be typed by the end user to abort or skip the attachment slot and continue the skill. Whenever a chat channel does not support uploading an attachment while executing a skill, then the user can type the attachment abort or skip command to continue with the skill.

Role and Skill List

For each role, you can define the skills to be displayed once the user aborts the current skill. Based on the user's role, the bot displays the list of suggested skills after aborting the current skill. Select the Role from the list. Based on the role, you can select the skills to be displayed to the user from the Skill List. You can reorder and even delete any of the skills from the list.

Click Save to save any changes.